KYSO Flash

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The reading period for Issue 8 of KYSO Flash is open for submissions from 15 May 2017 thru 15 July 2017. KF-8 will be published online some time in August (or September first at the latest).

NEW: No more admin fee for general submissions. We want everyone to be able to submit their best work to us without worrying about fees. Still, as a micro-press funded from our publisher's threadbare pockets, we would deeply appreciate your help, especially with costs of printing our anthologies. If you're able and willing, please submit your works through our "Tip-Jar Submissions" category (five pieces for only five bucks). A world of thanks for your support!

Tip-Jar Rapid Response: While we cannot guarantee that tip-jar submissions will be accepted for publication, we do guarantee to evaluate them right away and to respond with a yes-or-no decision within 72 hours.

(NOTE: Works should be submitted through only one category, General or Tip-Jar. Submitting the same works under both categories will skew our statistics and we'll need to ask you to withdraw them from the General category before we can evaluate them under the Tip-Jar category. Please be aware, too, that the 72-hour review period will begin as soon as the works have been withdrawn from the general category. Thanks so much for your understanding!)

Please submit original, unpublished works. Appearance on author websites and blogs, as well as on social media and sites such as Fictionaut, counts as previous publication.

Submissions are read "blind" to ensure impartiality, and thus should NOT include author's name, address, and bio.

What we're looking for: 

Evocative literary works that balance “music and meaning” (to borrow from poet Richard Hugo) within a max of 1,000 words (including the title), and using forms such as these:

⚡  Prose poems

⚡  Micro-fiction (up to 500 words each)

⚡  Flash fiction (501–1,000 words per piece)

⚡  CNF, essays, interviews, memoirs, etc.

⚡  Reviews and craft essays (2,000 words max, including footnotes)

⚡  Fables, allegories, and parables, whether light or dark, written for adults

⚡  Hybrids such as haibun, haibun stories, haiga, tanka prose, and tanka tales

⚡  Ekphrastic works, in every genre we publish: fiction, nonfiction, lineated and prose poetry, hybrids such as haibun and tanka forms, and visual arts

⚡  Poetry, both free verse and formal, that travels the middle way between transparency and obscurity; i.e., accessible but with a measure of mystery

TIP: As we consider submissions to our journal, awards such as the Pushcart, Best Small Fictions, and Best of the Net loom over the decisions we make. We look for works that Knock Your Socks Off, that is, prize-worthy material. Regardless of the genre, we cherish a unique voice, fresh language, and the sly use of literary devices such as metaphor and irony. We hope to be side-swiped, poked in the ribs, and otherwise smitten by an arresting idea, a compelling narrative, an exquisite lyric, or a moving account, all of which thread the perfect line between the personal and the universal. 

See our website for complete submission guidelines (including what we're not looking for):

Basic manuscript formatting for submissions:

An 11- or 12-point, sans-serif font such as Verdana (no fancy or script fonts, please)

At least one-inch margins

Please number pages sequentially.

Double space prose works, except for prose poems, which may be single-spaced. Haibun and tanka forms may be single-spaced as well.

Please submit all other forms of poetry (and/or lineated works) with line breaks and other formatting as you would prefer the piece(s) to appear onscreen.

Thanks so much! We look forward to reading your work.

[NOTE: Please choose only one category below, General Submissions or Tip-Jar, when submitting works.]